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  • "This music has something that many relaxation recordings do not have. It has listenability.”

    –Music Industry News Network
  • ”Tron Syversen’s composition unifying piano, guitars, and vocals with English horn, flute and cello, is a pleasing, open invitation for listeners to simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery.” (for details review click here)

  • “Tron Syversen drew upon nature, poetry, great artwork, and sacred places for inspiration, in crafting these harmonious songs ideal for meditation or deep relaxation. An excellent choice to help oneself unwind after a long day.”

  • “The music is gentle and extremely melodic, very reflective and soothing.”

    –Midwest Book Review
  • "TRON SYVERSEN… one of the top European new age artists, is willing to share the spotlight on his albums with other musicians. On his latest CD, PEACEFUL JOURNEY, Tron works with Elin Lokken who provides some of the loveliest wordless vocalizing in current new age music.”

    –Musicwatch, UK –World’s # 1 Music Forum
  • “Utter bliss! That is really all I need to say about this latest release from Syversen. Complete and utter bliss! His work is definitely of the rare, with his amazing talent in combining and utilizing mostly classical instruments to create a deep rich and soothing sound. Guaranteed to give a deep relaxing sleep and enhance inner peace.”

    –Bluewolf Reviews
  • “This is new age music of the highest caliber.”

    -Buzz Music
  • “A gentle post-Romanesque stateliness pervades Tron Syversen’s Peaceful Journey, and some will be reminded of Satie and Mompou. The arrangements are crafted to imbue that aching nearness of transcendence so common to Impressionistic works.”

    –Mark S. Tucker acousticmusic.com
  • “The sound encompasses some of the best of traditional, classic, new age music. Very enjoyable!”

    –Lisa McSherry Facing North
  • “With this CD [Peaceful Journey] you can travel to a state of peace and total relaxation. With a symphonic sound from voice, guitar, piano, keyboards, flute, horn, violin and cello, you can let yourself meditate in a gentle and melodic manner.” (For complete review click here)

    –Keys and Chords