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I just love this Tron Syversen guy from Norway. He is a keyboardist who just keeps cranking out the most amazingly relaxing feel-good music in the new age genre (a field which is known for this sort of thing, so rising to the top just is not that easy). Apparently you just wind this guy up with a view … Read More

Voices from Heaven is nominated for Best Electronic Album

We are very proud of the fact Voices from Heaven reached top 10 of Zone Music Reporters Top 100 lists in 2014 which represents the most played music on new age radio stations around the world. Also the album Voices from Heaven is nominated for Best Electronic Album 2014. We compete with 4 other artist for the title that will
be announced New Orleans the 9th of May.

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Voices from heaven VOL 2 Released

runarThese amazing compositions by Runar Halonen and Tron Syversen are complemented by the angelic voice of Helene Edler Lorentzen (Rainbow bridges) and will take you on a deep journey into your inner self.

The voices II Music heralds a channeled arrangement on both piano and keyboard combined with voices floating on the waves of music to achieve a powerful sound healing album that creates unique frequencies that will be recieved into … Read More

Concert at Hollywood Piano Thursday 24 th of April 7PM – Tron Syversen Live – featuring the angelic voice of Helene Edler Lorentzen


Tron Syversen is a pioneer in the growing European relaxation music community. Blending his improvisational skills as a jazz pianist, his deep roots in the melodic folk music of Norway, and his subtle intuitive perceptions developed from his meditation practice, Tron has distilled a unique form of music that is both evocative and healing. His soothing and relaxing compositions—together with the angelic voice of his musical soulmate, Helene … Read More