Peaceful Journey

USE THIS CD FOR: Relaxation, visualization, manifesting dreams, increased positivity, rehabilitation, massage, and spa treatments.
Peaceful Journey CD Photo Sample Clips:
Silent Dream


The Beginning



Lullaby to Love

Your Dream

My Love

I have used Tron’s music daily in my healing session since 2005. I am a Reiki worker and massage therapist. My experience is that the music goes through my whole body and balances my chakras while I am doing my therapy sessions. Don’t miss this music. Give it as gift to yourself and others!
–Cristina Hjemlmstad, Holistic Therapist, SwedenAs a musician, I often find relaxation music to be repetitive and boring. Tron’s music is different. This is high quality music. It is melodic and also very relaxing and meditative.
–Dave Waterman, Musician, USA
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