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Channeled music by Tron Syversen and channeled sound healing by Runar Halonen. Runar comments: 
"When Tron and I decided to make a little healing CD, we had no specific plans for how to make the. We decided simply to channel his music and my voice at the same time. Thus the CD created by a spontaneous association of Tron's musical creativity and my healing abilities. 

Sound healing is a powerful tool that occurs at the moment. I see it as a profound force. The energy created by sound healing is in a way very tip, and can best be described as a kind nålenergi.
Sound healing creates unique frequencies that are very specific to each situation. The energies using my voice as an instrument when specific areas of the body or mind. The sound carries energiene. When sound is used, the body react immediately. It may feel like a vibration or some kind of flow in the body. Sound healing is always tailored to the client or group needs. It may seem a little strange for someone in the beginning, but it is something everyone will recognize the impact will be there immediately. We know that sound has influenced us many times through music, birdsong or other sounds. Musikk can be energizing, relaxing or distracting. We all have different music tastes and reacts differently to different music. As a healer I control the sound coming. There are different vowel sounds, both high and low notes. Via internal images I see where the sound specifically working on the client or group. 

Several have commented that it does not sound like my voice when sounds are coming. Someone asked me after the sound healing if I use some sort of instruments to create sounds, but I do not. Healing Energies creates sounds even by controlling the breath and my mouth

These tracks have been to in the present without prior planning. We had never tried anything like it before we did these channeling footage of the cabin to Tron. 

Runar and Tron have previously collaborated on several healing / meditation CDs, but this represents something completely new for both."
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