Music For Pregnancy

Gentle Moments


Gentle Moments has been created for the good times in life. Soothing both body and soul and it is perfect as background music for spa, all forms of treatments, Massage and Therapies. Music that goes straight to the heart, which can also evoke feelings of many.

4 tracks, total playing time 59:30

guitar, violin, saxophone, cello, female and male voices and piano.

-For de-stress, relaxation, massage, aromatherapy
-For any kind of therapy or treatments, spa’s and hospitals

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Sacred Dreams


Beautiful, soothing and melodic music. This 10 “lullabies” are perfect for all ages and they help you getting into a sleeping and relaxed mood. If you don’t like to sing for your baby/child, this CD will do the job for you. It is perfect to help your child or yourself into a relaxing and meditative state and even help people having a hard time to fall asleep. It’s also applicable during massage, background music, visualization. Brings you to a completely relaxed state.

10 tracks, total playing time 57:54

A symphonic sound including guitars, keyboards, cello, violin, flute, English horn, bass, piano and female voice.

For all kinds of therapy and treatments, spa’s, hospitals and waiting rooms.
Perfect for children for falling asleep or just relaxing evening
Superb background for healing, massage, meditation, visualization and pets.

Sacred Dreams reached #6 on the prestigious ZMR (Zone Music Reporter) Top#100 August and September 2012

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Peaceful Journey


This album will take you in to a peaceful journey and bring you into a state of total relaxation. 9 beautiful melodies that suits in to most homes and clinics. Perfect after a stressful day. One of our best selling CD over the years.

Reached #5 on ZoneMusic Reporter top 100 among more than 2000 CD’s!

9 tracks, total playing time 61:32

Symphonic sound with female voice, piano, keyboards, violin, cello, guitars, english horn and flute.

For all kinds of therapy, hospitals and waiting-rooms
Perfect setting for a quiet evening, spa and bath
Superb background for massage, visualization and stress-reduction

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