Music For Visualization

Piano Meditations

Music for relaxation and wellbeing

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the spiritual work of movement therapist Bolina Thompson and clairvoyant medium Phil Phillips, this contemplative album will take you on a series of sacred meditations into the depth of your own soul. Featuring Tron Syversen on piano, the angelic voices of Helene Edler Lorentzen and Siri McAlpine, these four tracks represent relaxation music at its most sublime.

4 tracks, total playing time 62:19 min.

Track 1-3 piano, keyboards and voices.
Track 4 includes a symphonic ensemble of musicians on strings, flute, oboe, English horn, French horn, trombone, trumpet, violin and cello.

For meditation, visualization, yoga, all kinds of therapy and treatments, stress-reductionhealing and wellbeing.

Reached number #5 on Zonemusic Reporter Top 100 in May 2015.

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Piano Poems


This CD is inspired by the poems created by Merete Atne and a picture painted by Anne-Elisabeth Lien. The music is created while listening to the poems and the last track (Blue Dawn) was made while a picture was painted in the same room.

Piano Poems takes you to in to a inner heavenly ride flying along with the chords of piano and keyboards and the sound from the angelic voices of 4 female singers.

10 tracks, total playing time 62:10

Piano, keyboards and female voices

-For de-stress, mindfulness, meditation and visualization
-For any kind of therapy or treatments, spa’s and hospitals

Piano Poems reached #6 on the prestigious ZMR (Zone Music Reporter) Top#100 June 2010

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Whispers of Assissi


These album was crated in a monastery of Abbazia Di San Pietro close to Assisi in Italy. The tracks were created live as meditations were read. Later keyboards and male and female voices were added in our studio on Norway. The birds you hear are the birds in the Monastery garden and the bells you hear are the Monastery church bells ringing every 15 minutes. This album will take you to a deep relaxation and meditation state.

4 tracks, total playing time 67:49

Piano, keyboards, female and male voices

Superb for Yoga, all forms of therapy, massage, meditation and visualization.
Perfect for stress relief and relaxation.

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Inner Balance


Close your eyes, open your mind and find your inner balance with these soothing and melodic compositions for piano, voice and keyboards. The first track, Warm Embrace, is a guitar (played on keyboard) based, very soft and long meditative piece with soft vocals and keyboards added. This is a favorite background for mediation among many people. Evening Harmony is based around piano, keyboards (including choir patches) and voice. The last track has flowting keyboard patches and guitarlike sounds blended with voice and after a while there is a solo flute-like melody line that carries the melody part.
Everything is improvised.

3 tracks, total playing time 74:20

guitar, violin, saxophone, cello, female and male voices and piano.

Superb for all forms of therapy, treatments, massage, meditation and visualization. Many people use it also for sleep disorders.

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Garden of Visions


Melodic and relaxing, with a flowing landscape of piano and keyboards, these four long tunes brings you into a world of profound tranquility. All music is originally made to meditations and is made in the “now”. One of the tracks was made for a doctor who works with patients with pain problems. The meditation takes them down some stairs and open a door into a fantastic place where there is a lake. The meditation takes the listener into the cleansing water.

This was Tron’s first CD and this is the only album without human voice, just piano and keyboards.

4 tracks, total playing time 79:19

Piano and keyboards.

Superb for all kinds of treatment and therapy.
Background music for meditation and healing.
Also perfect for meditation, visualization, healing and superior to unwind.

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