A NEW SPRING – relaxing music

A New SpringMusic for relaxation and wellbeing
NEW!! This album is an invitation to experience the rebirth of nature. Let its melodies transport you to the magical light of the Norwegian spring.
Symphonic and melodious, this album features the angelic voice of Helene Edler, as well as acoustic instruments, including violin, electric violin, guitar, cello, flute, English horn, bass, soprano saxophone, keyboards, and piano.

This album was created during the period from 2007 until recently. Many of the melodies were conceived at my seaside cabin. Located on a hillside, the stunning Oslo fjord can be seen in front and outback is an old forest. From the windows or the balcony, I love watching spring come to life with green leaves and to welcome the birds returning from spending the winter far away.

I also love listening to a nearby stream. The peaceful sounds of the running water transport me far away from stress and city life. It is natural experiences like these that give me the inspiration to create ever more melodies and arrangements.

One of the tracks, Surrender, was composed for a poem during the same time as
the poem was read. February is dedicated to my mother as that is her
birthday month. She is now 97 years old. The other songs and themes gracefully appeared while improvising at the piano.

Some of the recordings of guitar and English horn were completed in 2008; others have been added later. When Helene joined me in 2009, she
became the natural voice for this album. Her range is quite spectacular, from
deep alto to high soprano. Her keen musical ears also made her the perfect
coproducer for this album.

8 tracks total playing time 51:42
New Music Alert “Tron Syversen has given us one of the finest compositions of all time in his album “A New Spring”, which he rightly calls “Music for Relaxation and Wellbeing”. As a blessed coincidence, I happened to listen to this album while enjoying some of the best scenes and sounds of Nature during springtime. Therefore, I found the setting and the music complement each other in driving the intended effect in the deepest core of my being. After having listened to the tracks, I have many reasons to say that “A New Spring”, is certainly one of the representative members of ‘Inspired Music.””Read the whole review