A NEW SPRING – reviews

Album Review by New Age CD and New Age Notes Radio Staff
“Graceful, elegant, and superbly done, the album is ultra-relaxing and exceptional in every nuance.”

Graceful, elegant, and superbly done, the album is exceptional.

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New Music Alert “Tron Syversen has given us one of the finest compositions of all time in his album “A New Spring”, which he rightly calls “Music for Relaxation and Wellbeing”. As a blessed coincidence, I happened to listen to this album while enjoying some of the best scenes and sounds of Nature during springtime. Therefore, I found the setting and the music complement each other in driving the intended effect in the deepest core of my being. After having listened to the tracks, I have many reasons to say that “A New Spring”, is certainly one of the representative members of ‘Inspired Music.””Read the whole review

New Age Music Reviews: Tron Syversen has quite the recorded collection of music available on his website. A New Spring is his latest work. We look back on Winter as another season with different views once that is upon us. Some folks dread it, move south to warmer climates, and return after the orange-breasted robin’s return. That bird and its song remind us that life can also be migratory. 

This music brings those thoughts and feelings into focus. I look at the beautiful things Winter can be, and on the other side, the danger that awaits one if you are not paying attention. 

Tron’s music is atmospheric and soothing as watching the buds on the tree on the album cover coming to life and blossoming. If you live through the four seasons, each has its beauty and offerings to those wishing to embrace it. And the music is relatively easy to feel at home with. The tinkling of the keys from Tron to the lovely wordless vocalizations of Helene Edler is magical. Each pulls you into its separate journey of unspoken scenery. The track names are self-explanatory, and the music follows the pictures that come to life with the color and spirituality in your heart, mind, and soul. Helen’s angelic vocals are the axiomatic icing on the cake. Her talents are rendered with excellence as they embrace the music and become one with its purpose.

Tron has a lot of talent behind his piano and keyboards with violin, electric violin, cello, guitars, bass, English horn, flute, and soprano sax. I have listed all the contributors below.

Listeners can go from moments of “Surrender” to the chill of “February,” then to the “Melting Snow,” then reach back to the beginning of the recording to relive the “Dancing Butterflies.” A New Spring is the poetry of life that we all share. We are witness to all of these songs of life, and hopefully, we all find our “True Love,” whether that a person, a furry friend, or your life’s work, those expressive words can apply to so many different things during our lives here on earth.

A New Spring reminds me of all the beauty and what mother nature gives us during all the seasons. They can apply to the different periods we travel through on our paths to the Winter of our soul. These “Magic Waves” of music created by the gifted artist Tron Syversen will find appreciation by many listeners. It is all original music arranged by the artist, making it much more valid and noteworthy.

I find peace and refuge inside the music, which is the idea you will hear in A New Spring.