About Tron

Introducing Tron Syversen

Tron Syversen is a pioneer in the growing Northern-European relaxation music community, and, through this website, his music is now being introduced to lovers of relaxation and meditation music to the rest of the world. Blending his improvisational skills as a jazz pianist, his deep roots in the melodic folk music of Norway, and his subtle intuitional perceptions developed from his meditation practice, Tron has distilled a unique form of music that is both evocative and healing. His soothing and relaxing compositions—together with the angelic voice of his musical soulmates, Elin Løkken (2005— 2009) and Helene Edler Lorentzen (from 2009) therefore become a favorite among hundreds of holistic therapists.
Tron’s beautiful melody lines and the slow tempo create the perfect ambience for use during spa treatments, massage therapy, or for meditation and visualization exercises. The holistic therapist Christina Hjelmstad says that Tron’s music “goes through my whole body and balances my chakras while I perform my therapy sessions.”Tron’s melodious piano CDs, as well as his more symphonic CDs (some compare these CDs to the music of Secret Garden), have been found to evoke deeper relaxation, sharper concentration and improved sleep. Scientific studies have also concluded that relaxation music speeds up the healing process and has many health benefits beyond the feelings of peace and relaxation.Whether you read a book, lay down to rest, practice yoga, or meditate—while listening to Tron’s music, you’ll be transported into a world of haunting beauty and deep peace.
Abasio Di San Piedro Scene from the Italian monastery Abasia Di San Piedro, where the famous monk St. Francis of Assisi often visited and where Tron Syversen has composed one album and background music for 2 meditation CDs.

He has also released 2 albums with healer Runar Halonen; Voices from Heaven and Voices from Heaven vol. 2. Voices from Heaven was nominated best electronic album 2014 by zone music reporter. All 4 albums sent to radio-stations have ended up among the 10 most played cd’s in Zone Music Reporters Top 100 list.
Ther latest release, A New Spring (2022) reaches #2 on Zone Music Reporters Top 100 list.