Your Healing Hour

Your Healing HourMusic for relaxation and wellbeing

A continuous hour of relaxing and healing music originally made for a meditation by healer Runar Halonen.
This CD is used by many therapists and healers. Perfect as a background for an hour's treatment. Many people use this as an aid to sleep and for meditations and visualizations.
Tron met Runar after a fair, where he had been “drawn to Tron’s stand” in a strange way.. He wanted to give out a meditation CD and would like Tron to make the music. The meditation should last for one hour. He came to the studio and read the text. Tron brought the reading home and placed on his computer, spread out during the hour. Just before making the piano track, a theme appeared to be sung by Elin’s voice. Tron put the theme on a music sheet and started playing for one hour.. Strange enough, the ideas just poured on and everything was improvised in just one take. Then Elin’s voice was added in the stuidio, and there was “Activation Your Inner Healing Powers” with Runar’s voice in Norwegian.. We plan to release this as a download with english text very soon..
We were so pleased with the music, that we released Your Healing Hour as a own CD, with just the music..

-For all kinds of therapy
-Perfect for help with sleep disorders or just a quiet evening
-Superb background for healing, massage, meditation, visualization and more

Reviews: editorial: Tron Syversen once again welcomes you into a world of uplifting serenity; a place where you can shed your worries and bask in the rejuvenating peacefulness of soft, beautiful melodies. YOUR HEALING HOUR was originally created to accompany the guided meditation work of Norwegian healer Runar Halonen. Recorded impromptu while listening to Halonen's words, Syversen's creativity took flight, and the piano work of this album is the result. The soundscape features music that is ethereal and soft, full of dreaminess and a slight bittersweet edge that gives the melodies emotion. The stirring wordless vocals of Elin Lokken float amidst the piano passages, while celestial synthesizer ambience sets an enchanting mood. Perfect for taking you healing work to the next level. customer review : Soothing and beautiful. 5 stars
dulcet tones and refresh your inner being."