Peaceful Journey

Peaceful JourneyMusic for relaxation and wellbeing
This album will take you into a peaceful journey and bring you into a state of total relaxation. 9 beautiful tracks that fits into most homes and clinics. Perfect after a stressful day and for visualizations, meditations and stressreleaf. Symphonic sound with female voice, piano, keyboards, violin, cello, guitars, english horn and flute.
Some of these tracks, like Rivers and My Love, were made poems and improvised as the poems were read. Rivers describes a river from it’s start, ending up in a big fall before it reaches the sea. The Beginnig was the first composition where I used wordless vocal as a melody-“instrument”. This worked out so well, that I started using vocals on all tracks and as a kind of trademark. For many albums to come I used a low female alto, Elin Lokken, who also was my co-producer for many years. The melodies were so deep that to be able to play the melody-lines on violin, we had to find a violinplayer who had a violin with 5 strings!

Peaceful Journey reached #5 on the prestigious ZMR (Zone Music Reporter) Top#100 January 2012

For all kinds of therapy, hospitals and waiting-rooms
Perfect setting for a quiet evening, spa and bath
Superb background for massage, visualization and stress-reduction

Track 1 Silent Dream 05:30
Track 2 Rivers 06:09
Track 3 The Beginning 07:35
Track 4 Amorous 05:38
Track 5 Nearness 09:14
Track 6 Lullaby to Love 06:06
Track 7 Your Dream 06:29
Track 8 My Love 05:01
Track 9 Longing 08:34
Total time: 61:32

In these often-troubled times, this is the kind of music a person needs to listen to… soothing, yet full of life and energy! I give Tron a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, particularly for listeners who understand that music (like this) is a key ingredient in realizing our better selves. “EQ” (energy quotient) rating is 4.97. Improvijazzation_Nation – Dr. Jazz
Nordic composer and musician Tron Syversen sets the soul at ease with this soothing collection of music that, as the subtitle says, provides relaxation and wellbeing. Syversen creates beautiful melodies and sonic textures with his piano and synthesizers, augmented by other musicians on acoustic guitar, English horn, violin, and cello. Singer Elin Lokken adds a touch of heaven with her angelic and reassuring wordless vocals. The result is musical paradise. ..Fans of Vangelis and Yanni will enjoy this equally worthy recording. --Raj Manoharan
The music is relaxing, healing, meditative, healthful, stress-reducing, peaceful and melodic. Combining acoustic instrumentation with some synthesized sounds, plus wordless vocals, this is near-perfect new age music that makes for very pleasurable listening. The CD packaging says, “Journey into a state of peace and total relaxation.” But this music has something that many relaxation recordings do not have. It has listenability. Someone paying attention will enjoy the melodies and varied instrumentation.-
This is beautiful music, good for listening and for setting the mood at get-togethers and dinner parties, but also helpful for relaxing and healing. ReviewCentre

Total Playing time 61:32