Sacred Dreams

Sacred DreamsMusic for relaxation and wellbeing
Beautiful, soothing and melodic music. A symphonic sound with guitars, keyboards, cello, flute, English horn, bass, piano and female voice. This 10 “lullabies” are perfect for all ages and they help you getting into a sleeping and relaxed mood. If you don't like to sing for your baby/child, this CD will do the job for you. It is perfect to help your child or yourself onto a relaxing and meditative state and even help people having a hard time to fall asleep. It's also applicable during massage, background music, visualization. Brings you to a completely relaxed state.

Many of these tracks are included in our release “Music for Pets and their Owners” as they have a relaxing effect also on animals.

Sacred Dreams reached #6 on the prestigious ZMR (Zone Music Recorder) Top#100 August and September 2012

Sacred Dreams reviews:
Scandinavian keyboardist Tron Syversen presents another tranquil collection of rich, lush orchestrations designed to lull, soothe, and placate. Once again, Syversen has created music that is perfect for relaxation and refuge, serves as ideal background music for light work or other activities, and can be enjoyed on its own artistic merits. --Raj Manoharan
With Sacred Dreams, Syversen successfully produces a stunning album of lullaby brilliance that awakens the childlike spirit in all of us. Overall, the album is well-balanced, which is critical to Syversen’s mission to go beyond entertainment to creating music that truly relaxes and heals. Each piece presents melodies that are sweet and highly tranquil while Lokken’s sporadic humming and wordless vocals provide just the right amount of vocal ornamentation to differentiate each piece. This album is incredibly subtle and perfectly-suited to calm the mind in preparation for creative visioning work, deep relaxation, or blissfully restorative sleep. Highly recommended for meditation, sleep therapy, relaxation and children’s bedtimes. –Mystic Living Today
The music of Tron Syversen is an inspiration to all who hear it. His musical manifestation of his native land, Norway are so vivid and colorful that it encourages me to someday be a visitor if not in body, then in spirit. The meditative music is for all ages and all hearts. When you want a quiet, calm environment, whether for study, yoga, or relaxation in general, just press play. Zone Music Reporter

10 tracks, total playing time 57:54

Track 1 Lullaby For You (6:06)
Track 2 Dreamland (6:04)
Track 3 Cradle Song (4:28)
Track 4 In A Silent Place (5:55)
Track 5 Moonlight Reflections (5:57)
Track 6 A Quiet Evening (6:50)
Track 7 At The End of The Day (4:21)
Track 8 Twilight Lullaby (5:37)
Track 9 All Through The Night (6:36)
Track 10 Tender Moments (5:40)