Voices from HEAVEN Vol II

Voices from Heaven vol 2Sound Healing
These magical compositions by Runar Halonen and Tron Syversen are complemented by the angelic voice of Helene Edler Lorentzen(Rainbow Bridge) and will take you on a deep journey into your inner self. The Voices II music heralds a channeled arrangement on both piano and keyboard combined with voices floating on the waves of music to achieve a powerful soundhealing album that creates unique frequencies that will be received in to your body. These frequencies will release your energy when the sharp and high notes are heard, stimulating a needle-energy similar to the ancient of acupuncture without needle. Shaman drum is used on track 2 (Rainbow Bridge).

1. My Journey to True Love (16:47)
2. Rainbow Bridge (20:56)
3. Hymn to The Lost Souls (19:55)
Total Playing time 57:37

Voices from Heaven Vol 2 (download)
Voices from Heaven Vol 2 (download)
Voicehealing. This is the second album featuring the healing voice of healer Runar Halonen with the keyboards and synthesizers by Tron Syversen. One track also features the healig voice of Helene Edler. Everything has been created in the "now" without any planning. So close your eyes and let the different frequencies hit different parts of yur body. Total time: 57:37
Price: $7.50