Piano Meditations review – Bluewolf

There are four meditative tracks on this release; all totally different to Syversen’s usual style in that each piece has been woven together in totality with vocal harmonization.

While he has used vocals on previous albums this is the first time where they are used, not just as an additional sound or instrument, but as a complex, if not elemental, component of the track; of the desired outcome.

Created specifically for meditation purposes, the clear, unmistakable notes of the piano are softened into a timeless thread which will slowly make itself comfortable in the mind, the emotion, to bring on a state of gentle mellow relaxation.

Helene Edler Lorentzen who has worked and created with Syversen for several years is present on three of the tracks. Guest vocalist in the talented Siri Mc Alpine adds a deeper tonal element on one of the tracks allowing a change in the balance of the piece, which is delightfully refreshing .

‘A Peacefull Path to Forever’ is simple and gentle with the piano being used as the main ‘voice’, softened once again by the feminine voices wafting on the edges of the created sounds. Symphonic additions add richness to help you drift further into relaxation.

And so the wonderful sounds keep encouraging you into sublime relaxation.

The final piece, ‘Inner Journey’ was created by Syversen some years ago. He had an idea in his mind that would not let go. Arriving at his studio he sat down to see where the idea was going to lead. In his words ‘the music that poured out of me that day is so far the most remarkable musical experience I have ever had.’

When you listen to this final composition, or creation if you like, it is inspirational and beautiful, rounding off a superb album which can be used in so many ways in order to achieve relaxation such as sound healing, an aid to falling into a deep and restful night’s sleep, simply keeping you company while working, or when at your ease in a comfortable chair.

Whatever manner you would like to choose for your relation, Piano Meditations will work with you, wash you in dulcet tones to refresh your inner being.