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Close your eyes, open your mind and find your inner balance with these soothing and melodic compositions for piano, voice and keyboards. All 3 tracks are originally made to meditations we recorded in our studio for Norwegian therapists. From these backgrounds we added some more keyboards and the angelic voice of Elin Lokken to form the tracks on this CD. The first track, Warm Embrace, is a guitar (played on keyboard) based, very soft and long meditative piece with soft vocals and keyboards added. This is a favorite background for mediation among many people. Evening Harmony is based around piano, keyboards (including choir patches) and voice. The last track has flowting keyboard patches and guitarlike sounds blended with voice and after a while there is a solo flute-like melody line that carries the melody part.
Everything is improvised.

The Three long music tracks that are well suited for all forms of therapy, treatments, massage, meditation and visualization. Many people use it also for sleep disorders.

Piano, Keyboards and the voice of Elin Lokken (wordless vocals)

Perfect for meditation and visualization
For all kinds of therapy and treatments, spas and hospitals

3 tracks, total playing time 1:14:20
Warm Embrace 23:51
Evening Harmony 30.21
Magic at Night 20:08

Review from
All of the TRON CDs are marvelous. This one only has 3 tracks, which is perfect for a meditation session for me, or some other 20+ minutes quiet task. One of my (many) “calming music” CDs, and a favorite.


Her er smakebiter:

      1. 1-Warm-Embrace-clip1-2


      2. 1-Warm-Embrace-clip2-2


      3. 1-Warm-Embrace-clip3-2


      4. 2-Evening-Harmony-clip1


      5. 2-Evening-Harmony-clip2


      6. 2-Evening-Harmony-clip3


      7. 3-Magic-at-Night-clip1-2


      8. 3-Magic-at-Night-clip2-2


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