Channeled music by Tron Syversen and channeled voice healing by healer Runar Halonen. Runar comments: 
“When Tron and I decided to make a healing CD, we had no specific plans for how to make the. We decided simply to channel his music and my voice at the same time. Thus the CD created by a spontaneous association of Tron’s musical creativity and my healing abilities.  This music takes you on a journey deep into your inner self. These frequencies will release your energy when the low or high notes are heard, stimulating a needle-energy similar to the ancient of acupuncture without the needle”.
The initial tracks were made at Tron’s cabin by the sea, a nice setting for meditation with the woods at the back of the cabin, a small creek on one side, and the sea in front. When they met, they explored a new synth Tron had bought some months earlier and found some sounds that triggered their creativity. They started recording, and this is the result!

1. Voices in Heaven´s Cathedral (16:13)
2. Voices for Mother Earth (18:22)
3. Voice of Dreams (18:32)
Total playing time: 53:07

~ Bluewolf Reviews “New Age music per se has just shifted into another dimension with this wonderful, healing soundscape created through the talents and inspiration of Halonen and Syversen; Syversen with his undoubted talent for new age music and Halonen’s dusky, almost husky tones adding another level to this delicate recording. Sound healing uses a wide range of frequencies to reach the level required to heal whatever is the issue: it is a very powerful tool and when delivered in this medium, straight from the heavens, is even more powerful.
If you do not have the time to sit and listen, put the music on in the background and notice the almost instant relaxation that occurs: the lowering of the stress levels and the great sense of peace and relaxation that comes to you as you work; perhaps not one to listen to while driving the vehicle. Through this medium they have given, and created, a gift to all in a time when healing, stress and relaxation are needed by many.

~ Improvijazzation Nation “Having been on an “OBE” (out of body experience), I can tell you that Runar and Tron come very close to capturing exactly the kinds of voices/sounds I heard on my short journey through those portals. I give this outing a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for lovers of music that reaches out and touches the soul.”

~ReviewCentre “Best-selling Norwegian new age music keyboardist Tron Syversen has teamed with wordless vocalist Runar Halonen to create the powerful ambient recording, VOICES FROM HEAVEN. As you will hear, the voice of Halonen melds perfectly with the synthesizer sounds and sounds almost eerily synthesized itself at times. This is an excellent ambient recording, perhaps a masterpiece for healing and relaxation. Syversen has an extensive catalog of top new age music recordings and his music has become extremely popular with holistic healers, massage therapists, spa managers, yoga teachers, reiki masters, doctors, school teachers and care-givers.”


Listen to clips:

      1. 1-Voices-inHeavens-Cathedral

      2. 2-Voices-for-Mother-Earth-clip1
      3. 2-Voices-for-Mother-Earth-clip2
      4. 3-Voice-of-Dreams


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