VOICES FROM HEAVEN vol 2 digital download ALBUM


These magical compositions by Runar Halonen and Tron Syversen are complemented by the angelic voice of Helene Edler Lorentzen (Rainbow Bridge) and will take you on a deep journey into your inner self. The Voices II music heralds a channeled arrangement on both piano and keyboard combined with voices floating on the waves of music to achieve a powerful soundhealing album that creates unique frequencies that will be received in to your body. These frequencies will release your energy when the sharp and high notes are heard, stimulating a needle-energy similar to the ancient of acupuncture without needle. Shaman drum is used on track 2 (Rainbow Bridge).

1. My Journey to True Love (16:47)
2. Rainbow Bridge (20:56)
3. Hymn to The Lost Souls (19:55)
Total Playing time 57:37



      1. Voices-2-track-1-clip-1-1


      2. Voices-2-track-1-clip-2-1


      3. Voices-2-track-2-clip-1-1


      4. Voices-2-track-2-clip-2-2


      5. Voices-2-track-3-clip-1-1


      6. Voices-2-track-3-clip-2-1


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