A continuous hour of relaxing and healing music originally made for a meditation by healer Runar Halonen. After Runar had recorded the healing session the music was made just in one take, listening to the healing session.

One track, 59:30 total time
Instruments: Piano and female voice.
Tron Syversen once again welcomes you into a world of uplifting serenity; a place where you can shed your worries and bask in the rejuvenating peacefulness of soft, beautiful melodies. YOUR HEALING HOUR was originally created to accompany the guided meditation work of Norwegian healer Runar Halonen. Recorded impromptu while listening to Halonen’s words, Syversen’s creativity took flight, and the piano work of this album is the result. The soundscape features music that is ethereal and soft, full of dreaminess and a slight bittersweet edge that gives the melodies emotion. The stirring wordless vocals of Elin Lokken float amidst the piano passages, while celestial synthesizer ambience sets an enchanting mood. Perfect for taking you healing work to the next level.


Listen to clips:

      1. Your-Healing-Hour-clip1-2


      2. Your-Healing-Hour-clip2-2


      3. Your-Healing-Hour-clip3-2


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