Feel the Music

As a musician, I often find relaxation music to be repetitive and boring.
Tron’s music is different. This is high quality music. It is melodic and also very relaxing and meditative.
–Dave Waterman, Musician, USA
Here you have the perfect ambient music to achieve optimal balance. The music is soft and melodic, and based on notes from the piano and keyboard, it creates a feeling of peace and harmony.–Fønix Music Company, Denmark Thanks for making such lovely music. Thanks also to Elin, whose voice is heavenly. Your music reminds me of Mike Rowland’s, and when [Elin’s] voice comes in, a touch of Enya–Solfrid SolEra, Norway I love Tron’s music- as a student with a very busy life, I sometimes need help moving into a relaxed state of being, and Tron’s music always does the trick.–Zen freese, USA
Tron’s relaxation music is mostly acoustic and therefore it has certain organic and soulful qualities not found in electronic relaxation music. I love that part about Tron’s music. Its beautiful, rich, and gentle melodies takes you to a deeper level of peace.–Roar Bjonnes, Writer, USA I have used Tron’s music daily in my healing session since 2005. I am a Reiki worker and massage therapist. My experience is that the music goes through my whole body and balances my chakras while I am doing my therapy sessions. Don’t miss this music. Give it as gift to yourself and others!–Cristina Hjemlmstad, Holistic Therapist, Sweden This is very relaxing music, which I think is very suitable as an aid for sleeping problems. I am very impressed, and we are now using this music while training our students. Many have shown great interest for this music and plan to use it in therapy after they finish their studies.–Håkon Strømme, The Bio-physiological Academy, Norway For many years, I have started the day with massage in my classroom. This produces calm and productive students. As a result, we have very few conflicts in the classroom. Tron’s music is perfect to use during this magical time. –Gerd Stautland, teacher for 32 years, Norway