Wholesale Music

Wholesale Music

Thank you for inquiring about becoming a wholesale account for Tron Syversen’s Healing and Realaxation Music!

Feel The Music!’

We offer a 50% discount on orders prepaid by credit card (Visa or Mastercard only) to our distributor: CLAY PASTERNACK in most of the world or Silenzio in Europe and our main office for Scandinavia. . We ship worldwide by FedEx ground unless otherwise instructed, and you can use your own shipping account, however shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and not included in audio or video prices. To Europe we ship from Germany (Silenzio.de) or Norway.  

For customers wishing to set up Net 30 terms with a 40% discount (9.00 for CDs), please email your request to sales@tronmusic.com  Minimum orders 25 CD’s. We have some special promotions to new customers, email us at sales@tronmusic.com

If applying for Net 30 terms, please pre-pay your first order until we verify credit information.

To set up your account we will require your resale license number sent to sales@tronmusic.com If you do not have a resale license number, we offer a 35% discount for body and spa locations including massage therapists, acupuncturists, Reiki and Reflexology, etc.

We require that orders be emailed (sales@tronmusic.com) so that we have a hard copy for our files. If you email your order, do not include your credit card information.